Why the white goods repair company is unable to fix your fridge

Homeowners and tenants often contact us after a local appliance repair company was not able to fix their expensive fridge-freezer.

The reason why general appliance repair company is not able to fix your fridge is most of these companies don’t do any actual refrigeration work.

When it turns out your fridge requires refrigeration loop service but the appliance repair company is not up to the task You end up out of pocket in addition to time you lost searching and making yourself available for white goods service company. It is frustrating when you need to find to go through the same hoops again: finding a specialist refrigeration equipment service company, make yourself available for another engineer attendance and in this case, you end up paying double callout fees before you get to know the estimated final cost of the service. Most appliance repair companies, when cannot sort your fridge out will try to up-sell you some sort of rubbish fridge or insurance or whatever sales tactics they use.

So before booking appliance engineers attendance to your fridge-freezer ask your local company if they service refrigeration loop as such or not. This will help you to save time and money.