Air Conditioning service in Milton Keynes

Air conditioner/heat pump systems may have various designs and application.
Air conditioner/heat pump systems may have various designs and application.

Fridge Service Company provides emergency break down cover and planned preventative maintenance services for air con and heat pump systems, large and small, domestic split systems and commercial 3 pipe VRV systems for large office buildings.

Air con PPM or Service?

Planned preventative maintenance has pro-active and preventative nature.  There are quite a few reasons to get the PPM done: from keeping all of the equipment in a good running order and to reduce the chances of major breakdowns that will inevitably lead to a downtime of the equipment, loss of productivity and the need for major repairs on the equipment and to extend the lifespan of the equipment and save your money.

Upon the completion of the maintenance works the customer will benefit from written report and a quotation to rectify any major issues found during PPM works if any at all.

Service is a reactive work with the purpose to rectify occurred breakdown.  Any air con system service starts with fault diagnostics. Upon the diagnostics, the Fridge Service Company will provide the customer with a price quote to rectify all faults and a VAT invoice on completion of all works.

Whether you using a single split system or multi-split system, it requires periodic maintenance. The interval between two maintenances may be as long as a year or more but some sites may require maintenance every 4-6 months. This is purely down to site specifics and to make sure your air con/heat pump systems run in a good order we recommend to undertake a free site survey for our Milton Keynes customers.