Bottle cooler aka back bar fridge aka drinks fridge is a vital part of any drinks service. Bottle coolers can be divided into several groups: under counter, countertop and upright. Most of the bottle coolers come with the glass door for the better attraction of the customers. Some bottle coolers come with the hinged doors and others with sliding doors. What do you serve? Soft drinks, juice and beer your customers want it cold because it enhances the flavour of the beverage, quenches thirst well and makes it more pleasant to consume.

What’s the cost of servicing a bottle cooler?

As a shop or restaurant manager, you know that drinks at the ambient temperature don’t sell at all and in fact, warm drinks can damage your business reputation if your customers have to disappoint in the quality of your drinks service. If the drinks don’t sell because they are warm, your bottle cooler takes up your precious trading space without any return on it.
Considering the fault is unknown we can only speculate on the total cost of the service. To get you started with the bottle cooler repair you would need to use our standard service.

You may also want to consider purchasing a new bottle cooler for your business. For the simple reason of its fairly expensive to conduct labour-intensive jobs, add the cost of consumables and it totals near the cost of the new fridge. The jobs that are not so labour intensive, require a single spare part and no other consumables would respectively total from 30% of the cost of the new fridge and upwards.
If that is the case the Fridge Service Company can fix your equipment on the budget. We specialize in commercial, retail and catering refrigeration repair service for HoReCa sector.


upright bottle cooler

double door upright undermount bottle cooler with a lightbox

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Bottle cooler common problems

Some common problems with the bottle coolers

• The sliding door is not closing. Most likely the weight that is attached to the door via cord is off the roller and doesn’t move freely. Try to remove the lath on the door frame to expose the weight, cord and a roller. Fit the cord on the roller and it should work.
• A sliding door is not sliding well. Most likely the roller under the door is broken and worn. Carefully lift the door upwards and move the bottom of the door towards yourself. This way the door will come out of the slot and you can examine the rollers at the bottom of the doors. If there is any damage or signs of wear and tear order new rollers from your supplier and fit them yourself. It’s fairly simple, each roller is held in place by two screws.
• Bottle cooler leaking water inside the cabinet. There are a few possible reasons for that. One is that a part of a drain system is blocked, broken or dislocated. The other reason may be that the evaporator is icing up heavily due to a frequent door opening and during the defrost cycle the defrost water floods the drain tank. To fix this issue try to reduce the set-point (temperature point at which the compressor stops) of the bottle cooler by turning the temperature of the fridge down by a few degrees. By doing so you would reduce the length of the cooling cycle and thus ice buildup on the evaporator and thus reduce the amount of the defrost water during the defrost cycle.
• Bottle cooler leaking water outside the cabinet. Check for a dislocated drain line and cracks in the defrost tray
• All components running, no other issues and no cooling –
If you require comprehensive bottle cooler repair service, please use the BOOK SERVICE button below or give us a call on 02 03 07 03 858. If you need a new bottle cooler delivered to your business then please take a look at our shop.

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