Same day cold room repair service in London and home counties

If you require cold room repair service in London please call +442030703858 and a member of our staff will take your booking or use the booking form below.

Fridge Service Company has the ability to repair any size cold rooms and freezer rooms. Our engineers are dedicated to the first visit fix.

Cold rooms we service:

Most often our customers order:

  • custom built cold room service
  • modular cold room service
  • Porkka cold room service
  • Foster cold room service
  • Williams cold room service


Fridge Service Company understands that cold room is one of the most important rooms of your business and stores the essential stock that keeps your business running and losing this stock would be catastrophic for our customers. Therefore our engineers will always attempt to fix it during the first visit to your site.

Common cold rooms problems:

The matter of truth is that all the fridges and freezers leak refrigerant at some point of time but 99% of the time the fault is of electrical nature:

  • evaporator fan fault
  • defrost heater fault
  • condenser fan fault
  • PCB fault
  • contactor fault
  • compressor fault
  • fan speed controller fault
  • probe fault
  • solenoid valve fault
  • filter blockage
  • expansion valve fault or blockage
  • door latch problems
  • door gasket problems

Refrigerant leaks on cold rooms:

Most common locations for leaks are:

  • any threaded connections: expansion valve, filter, rotalock valve, compressor connection, pressure switch connections
  • evaporators- corrosion, vibration and deterioration of the piping due to an acidic environment
  • pipework – wear and tear due to vibration

Fridge Service Company is committed cold room repair service. We will fix any of the cold room problems mentioned above at the best rates in London.