Commercial fridge repairs

Commercial fridge repairs is one of the main activities and backbone of the Fridge Service Company. In the commercial fridge service, the value is in the “first fix”. It is utmost important that you report your broken freezer or fridge to us as soon as possible as this gives us a better chance to save your stock and you will be able to keep trading as if nothing has happened. You need to consider that it may take refrigeration engineer two or more hours to reach your site depending on traffic. Below is the plan of action of our engineers:

On arrival, our engineer will fill in the worksheet attendance details. Then, depending on the type of your site he will log in to a site and explain the customer whats going to happen next and how long it’s going to take. After refrigeration engineer has logged in to the site he will have a word with you or your assistant about what sort of problems do you experience with your commercial refrigerator. After that, he will carry out the risk assessment and apply safety systems in accordance with the task. This follows by the accurate diagnostics of your commercial fridge.

Our refrigeration engineers will attempt to repair your commercial refrigerator on the first visit using van stock. If an engineer cannot repair commercial refrigerator using van stock, he will consider sourcing correct parts locally. If that is an option refrigeration engineer will repair your fridge there and then.

If spare parts are not available on the same day, an engineer will try to apply a temporary fix and will order correct parts for the successful repair. After the parts have arrived engineer will re-attend the site and finish the commercial fridge repair service

We are dedicated to commercial fridge repairs

Our refrigeration engineers are trained to meet the latest F-gas standards. They attend emergency breakdowns in fully stocked vans and they are dedicated to providing bespoke customer service and same day commercial fridge repair repairs.

Fridge Service Company knows how faulty equipment to affect the performance of your business. This is why we use three different priorities when assigning jobs to engineers:

  • A1- Health and safety reasons- Same day attendance if possible
  • A1- Risk of loss of the stock (main commercial refrigerators and freezers)- Same day attendance if possible
  • A1- Equipment performance issues (main commercial refrigerators and freezers)- Same day attendance if possible
  • A2- Furniture problems, water inside of the fridge etc- Next day attendance
  • A2- Aesthetic issues (loose panels, noises, smells, lighting issues etc)- Next day attendance
  • A3- Any maintenance services- We aim to do the maintenance jobs within 2-3 days.

Additionally, the priorities are set depending on the availability of the engineers in your area and engineers workload.