we need Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Hertfordshire and London based catering and FMCG businesses to build a new generation facility maintenance company for you.



A maintenance contract is a type a business agreement between the contractor and the customer covering the maintenance of buildings or equipment over a specified period of time. A maintenance contract is generally considered to be a benefit of franchise businesses, large retail and high street brands like McDonald’s, Greggs, Starbucks, Sainsbury’s, Wetherspoon, Pizza Hut, Subway, Nandos, Premier Inn, Hilton, Prezzo to name a few. Some of them source the contracts to large facilities maintenance companies who source the contracts to specialist companies, some source contracts directly to contractors.

The contract allows a certain peace of mind for both parties: the customer gets the services and the contractor gets a workflow. This allows for accurate predicting of workflow, good planning and thus lowering the cost of service in general. For the end-user, the annual cost of service often decreases by 15-40% after entering the contract.


Our approach to the maintenance contract is different. We offer your general business a maintenance share. Maintenance share is your lifetime maintenance contract and a dividend share, two in one. Only businesses that are frequent users of our services can own a share.

Lets not going to go into depths of this model right now, because know-what, know-how, know-when, know-who and know-where are pieces of information that are discussed on the need-to-know basis only. Your job in this presentation is to get your credit card and join the EU maintenance programme.


The setup we propose will serve multiple purposes for the shareholder and is a money-making machine in its concept. EU has two types of shares: engineers shares and maintenance shares.


Maintenance share can be owned one share at the time, covering let’s say up to 3 sites each. This one share is your voucher for the discounted services of the EU and the source of dividends. The concept is that maintenance shareholders will make up one core part of the workflow of the Engineers United. The second core part of the Engineers United workflow comes from the businesses that are not our shareholders, but rather one-off customers so to say.

  • Shareholders must be in HoReCa, retail, catering, pharmaceutical, FMGC, leisure sectors, business premises landlords and large facility maintenance companies in and around the London area.
  • The shareholder must be a business that is consuming one or multiple of our blue-collar services on a regular basis. The shareholder can not be an accountant company or a law firm or a hairdresser unless you operate 20 air conditioning, refrigeration or catering appliances in total. The list of equipment EU services can be a combination of anything below and is expanding.

If you try to remember how many times in the last 3-5 years you had to deal with electricians, air-con engineers, plumbers, gas-engineers, had to source and install any equipment? Are you going to need any of these services in the next 3-5 years? What is the total cost already spent on these services and how much will it cost in the future? Is it a good idea to have a share in the company providing similar services? I promise it is and I promise to build up this company for you, and myself.


Management shares will be allocated to the directors who will run their trade within the company. Eg electrical services director, gas services director, plumbing services director, decorator director, refrigeration director and air conditioning director. Jobs and purchases will be managed by business support director, sales director will advance the sales of the EU, hr director will manage the staff. These shares can not be bought or sold. EU will adapt some of the best and innovative opportunities today’s technology provides to effectively manage many day to day operations and save cash for the dividend shower.

Competitors are dividends

Our shareholders’ competitors are the second core part of the customers of the Engineers United. Let me rephrase that: businesses that are not EU shareholders are the main business target of the EU because there are only 730 shareholders and probably 1 000 000 businesses annually in demand for the services the EU provides. These are standard businesses in and around the London area who handle or process groceries, do catering, depend on air conditioning, businesses that suffer equipment breakdowns, require disposal and new installations, businesses like yours.

But one day these businesses will customers of the EU and putting dividends in your pocket. EU maintenance shareholder makes up a stable workflow for the EU and EU makes a profit for a shareholder at the peaks of season. In my estimates Engineers United is to be financially profitable for 10 months a year and financially neutral for 2 months a year. Everything is down to the service portfolio the company is able to provide. At no point of time EU should be losing money due to the demand for services by the shareholders if for any reason something is not working with the EU main market. I smell the money storm is starting.

Do you know what you getting into?

Did you know a fridge is the most common household appliance throughout the world? In the UK content, it means 27.2 million domestic fridges according to 2019 data not counting commercial applications?

Did you know the whole food chain is dependent on the refrigeration industry? It is not possible to maintain any food standards or quality without involving refrigeration process.

Did you know 20% of the total western civilization electrical energy consumption is used to operate various refrigeration applications?

Did you know refrigeration equipment is dangerous for the environment and thus highly regulated? Regulations are constantly updated.

Did you know the refrigeration industry is a multi-billion industry in the UK alone?

Did you know since 2025 the UK government wants all newbuilds to be fitted with heat pump systems as a part of the UK’s carbon-neutral programme? How many air-con units are in your business?

Did you know it will be a blue-collar maintaining intergalactic space colonization, transportation, planetary exploration and military spacecraft taking humankind beyond Milkyway galaxy?

Do you understand how blue-collar generates money?

Anyone can do this

Valid argument. Someone reverse engineers your ideas or product, (out)match your technology, man the business, provide the service/product and takes a share of your (un)planned market. But this does not worry me.

I could give anyone a list of thousand reasons for not doing it, but maybe you got this one reason to outweigh my list. I don’t want to cut your enthusiasm. Hopefully, your enthusiasm is driven by pain. You must feel the pain, you must love the pain, you must marry the pain and pain must become your lifemate. Of course, sometimes things happen by accident, not being driven by pain but that’s lame.

If you got nothing else to do with your time and money and since you are so talented, come for a chat and be the core member of the EU. The destination point is the same. EU will be owned by the British private sector in the future anyway. I just wasn’t expecting to pick up any passenger so soon due to the lack of likeminded pros like yourself.

Ultimately not a single nerve in my face will move if you going to go my competitor, but you already know this, right. If so, you got the scope of this presentation, get your credit card and take your share of the EU.

Blue-collar generates value

Blue-collar is the broker, dealer, negotiator and executor between people and machines.

Businesses need experts to assess their equipment in case of a breakdown and advise on further action. Analytically we can define a breakdown as proof of correct operation, thus the breakdown is inevitable.

Businesses need experts to fix breakdowns of the equipment or replace the equipment if the fix is not a cost-effective solution.

Blue-collar uses a large variety of parts and materials in its operations. We source and resell materials.

Businesses pay experts to give regular maintenance on their equipment that often leads to more spare parts being used. Lack of equipment maintenance is a number one reason for the premature breakdown of the equipment and number two reason for warranty void.

Businesses pay experts to install HVAC equipment on their premises. Of course, no business wo/man would start messing with something they had no clue of even if DIY would save a few thousand pounds. They pay professionals and concentrate on their own niche.

Only a small part of EU business can fit in this presentation but the scope is that its a money train with only 730 seats.

On top of this, there are other fun side projects Engineers United is currently working on and the shareholders are will be a part of. I’ll manage everything, you just ride along. Going to be very beneficial, trust me.

EU maintenance programme explained

The purpose of the programme is to raise funds and build up a solid customer base. Raised funds will be invested in business goals and priorities. Broadly put I will raise ops efficiency, improve and expand service portfolio.





One, have a dedicated blue-collar company to maintain the tech and facilities side of all the shareholders when the emergency happens. And I guarantee you the emergency will happen. The question is if your business ready to manage the problem and how much you will have to fork out for it. You need to find and choose the contractors, queue for contractors, compare pricing and pay top money for this. Contractor and higher up the food chain will make margin on spare parts, materials and ultimately on everything you as a business consumes in this scenario. And blue-collar companies don’t do bad you know.

Two, emergency planning is a sign of a profound business model. Having a reputable multipurpose blue-collar company maintaining your business will boost your reputation with customers and business partners. It proves you have an effective management plan and workforce at hand to tackle problems that may slow your business down. And it works both ways.

Three, the shareholder discount will have a direct effect on the cost of the services you consume. The more you consume the bigger the saving. And if EU overcharged you, you get this back in dividends.

Four, the best part is that your business has a share in the EU, a company providing technical services to your competitors and making you a profit on your competitor’s expense.

Five, various other small benefits that accumulate to big benefits in time. Like procurement of the equipment, spare parts, consumables and other nick-nacks will be cheaper and centrally organised for your business. In fact, EU is planning to set up a small manufacturing unit to fully control the supply chain of consumables for the shareholders and customers. Some of the shareholders would save plenty in the first year with this particular service only.

Six, independent business effort will transform to centrally managed collective input and create new business opportunities yet you still run every side of your business.

Buying EU share

It is a simple and secure process.

  1. Use your own banking app. Use our form to submit your shareholder information. We will email you a payment reference number and our banking details.
  2. Use our online payment terminal. Fill in the shareholder details and make the payment online. Online transaction fee will apply.

Whichever way you choose to go, we will have a copy of the submissions and the payment service provider will have a full log of all payments, so your payment cannot get lost. We will manage the list of the bondholders.

This is a privately organized and custom corporate share emission event.

Many untraditional terms and conditions apply here. These conditions can change in time. Some of them are Engineers United maintenance shares are not tradable on the mainstream platforms. Each shareholder can have one share only; Shareholder must be a business that often consumes the services Engineers United is providing, e.g. depend on refrigeration/air conditioning equipment, catering support appliances like dishwashers, electric and combi ovens, mixers, ventilation, gas applications and similar equipment.

You confirm that the EU is not responsible for any mis-sold investment insurances, guarantees, financial advice, financial conduct, legal advice, tax advice, corporate advice and anything at all. You fully understand the nature and the risks related to financial investments. You confirm buying EU share is your voluntary action based on your own educated considerations. This is not an investment school or investment trial.

Market, company, shareholder and cashflow schematic diagram

This diagram illustrates the business concept of Engineers United. 730 shareholders will be the heart of the EU and keep it spinning at all times. EU one side of the business is to cover the technical side of the shareholder equipment. The second side of the business is to provide services to the rest of the market and make a killer profit. Red arrows represent cashflow.

shareholder schematic diagram

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