Display fridge repair service

Display fridge repair service is one of the main activities and a backbone of the Fridge Service Company. We know exactly how important it is for our customers to have fully functional displays in order to attract customers, up-sell the products and have some order in the shop. Therefore we treat the faults of the display fridges with utmost importance and urgency.

If you need to service your display refrigerator please call 02030703858 and a refrigeration engineer will attend your site to fix your equipment. Our engineers are f-gas trained and travel in a fully equipped vans that allow The Fridge Service Company to deliver the best value service to our customers.

As for faults with the refrigerated display counters and cabinets, the issues vary widely. From common gas problems, compressor problems, fan failures to controller problems. Any of the above would stop the plant from maintaining the desired temperature and would cause the foods to spoil.

Whether it’s a cake display fridge, butchers meat display, ice cream freezer or multi deck self selector refrigerated display the purpose of it is same- effectively promote your products and keep them in good condition at the same time. Without a functional refrigerated display, you cannot promote your foods, cakes, sandwiches, meat or fish to your potential customers and this will result in loss of sales, loss of customers and loss of profit.

The main advice for the caterers and shop keepers is to keep the temperature of the products equal or under 5 degrees of Celsius, this will keep the pathogens from multiplying and spoiling your food.

We provide display fridge repair service in London and home counties to all types of businesses.