Business and engineering matters can be sometimes hard to grasp. But trying to grasp business, engineering, legislation, warranty, and refrigeration is impossible without previous experience in these matters. As a part of our strive for transparent service, we have created a frequently asked questions and answers section on our website and we will keep updating this page periodically. 


Why is your services so much cheaper compared to other companies in the same trade?

We have designed our own unique management and operation system that allows us to provide services more effectively compared to the traditional management system used by probably most of the old fashion management style companies.

Do you repair home fridges?

The short answer is yes we do repair domestic refrigeration equipment. However, we advise you to consider the cost of the service to the cost of the appliance as it is not always economically feasible to service domestic fridges.

Do you provide service on Saturdays?

We have a duty engineer on standby to provide breakdown service on Saturdays, Sundays and bank holidays.

Do you have spares readily available for the service?

Yes, we do carry spare parts to cover various types of breakdowns on the first fix basis.

Do you have a compressor on the van?

No, we don’t have a compressor on the van because the compressors used in the commercial refrigeration systems are too susceptible to swings and bumps of the van for days or weeks and there are many hundreds of various types, makes and sizes of compressors to carry in the van. A compressor is a 3-5 day delivery item.

Do you have gas in the van?

Yes, we do carry refrigerants.

Do you provide services for public sector?

Yes, we do provide our services to the public sector. Please get in touch with us to confirm the following:

  • Your office name
  • Your name and position
  • Your payment terms
  • Invoicing address
  • Email address
  • Site name
  • Site address
  • Problem description

We will dispatch an engineer on our standard terms for initial assessment and on the spot fix where possible. After the engineers visit we will submit a Pro-forma cost estimate or an invoice, whichever is applicable.

How soon will someone arrive after I make an online booking?

In regards to the timeline we provide two types of service bookings:

  1. Next day attendance: to be attended on the next day.
  2. 48h attendance: to be attended within 2 working days.

No one arrived today to fix my fridge. Do I need to rebook the service?

No, you don’t need to rebook the service. The engineer will follow the information provided on the booking form and attend ASAP. Delays in service may be caused by higher than usual workload, heavy traffic or road closures and other variables arising from the nature of field-works.

The engineer said s/he cannot fix my fridge today. Is this the end of the service?

No this is not the end of the service. We will now swiftly find the parts you need, or it may take a bit longer if we think you been robbed on the first price and we will report back on the email address provided on the booking form, with the price quote to proceed with the service. This normally takes 1-3 days depending on the requirements.

  • the broken part of the application is not a stock item and the engineer first needs to find the part, price it, order it and finally fit the part.
  • the job cannot be completed on the spot because some issues may take many hours to fix and will require sundries, spare parts, refrigeration gas and ultimately a price quote.

How much does it cost to service air conditioner unit?

The cost of the repair service will depend on the nature of the fault, spares, and labor required to fix the problem.

The cost of planned preventive maintenance would depend on the type of the air conditioning units, quantity and how easy or difficult is the access to the units.

For example, a callout fee would cover the maintenance cost of a single split air conditioner unit installed back to back and not higher than 3 meters.

Any other job would need to be individually priced. If you need a price quote for your air conditioning maintenance, you should count your ac units, measure the height of the units from the floor and get in touch with us. We will then be able to give you an estimate for air con maintenance.

What is included in the first booking fee?

First booking includes the following:

  1. adding your job details to our service log
  2. routing and managing the job
  3. enginers time for travel
  4. vehicle expenditure(fuel,tax,ins,wear&tear)
  5. specialist skills and information for up to 45 minutes of site time.
  6. no spares fix if possible
  7. specialist tooling
  8. stepladders 1.8m
  9. sourcing and ordering spare parts if the second-fix visit is required
  10. invoice and service report on the completion of a job
  11. piece of mind the pros are on your case

The user benefit of the first booking is to find out what’s wrong with the appliance, can it be fixed on the spot, what parts are required to fix it, how long it will take to fix it, is it financially feasible and what is the final cost of the service.

How soon can you fit new parts on my appliance?

Please check for the ETA in the right top corner of the cost estimate. We source spare parts directly from the manufacturer if possible. We also work with national and international manufacturers, suppliers and traders of refrigeration and air conditioning equipment:

  • Engineer to collect parts at any of our national suppliers – next day
  • UK manufacturers – next day
  • UK suppliers and traders – 3-5 days
  • International manufacturers and suppliers – 1-3 weeks
  • Special orders – 1-3 weeks


I have received the email with the cost estimate, what happens next?

To progress the service to the next stage you must pay the estimate in full.

Should you wish to compare the cost of the service to the new equipment please check out our online shop.

Is it safe to use your online payment system?

Yes, it is 100% safe to use our online payment facilities. Most online payments related threats arise from the vulnerabilities on the customer(you) device and network and not from the payment receiver. All information you enter on our website and in the booking form or payment form is encrypted before transferred over the network to the payment processor. Our processor is Stripe, your data is encrypted by SSL, the website is hosted on GoDaddy.

What happens after I pay the cost estimate for the service?

Once the payment is confirmed the part/s required for the service will be put on the order and preparatory steps for the forthcoming service will be taken.

Upon the receipt of the spare parts, the job will be routed to your local engineer on the next day basis. Depending on your location, the availability of the parts and workload we can sometimes source and fit the parts on the same day. The engineer will attend your site to fit the parts required. Your appliance works again.

Those who use your banking app as a payment processor would need to let us know the payment is made so the accounts can confirm and match the payment to the reference number. The accounts are checked for payments Monday to Friday at 9 am.

If you use our online payment processor we will catch all the required information automatically.

How soon can you come after I pay the cost estimate?

This depends on the individual circumstances of each job and on the workload of the company. Please check the top right corner of the cost estimate for the ETA: (estimated time of arrival)

I have received a price quote email. What happens next?

To progress the service from this point you need to pay the cost given on the estimate.

There are two ways to make the payment:

  • BACS – transfer funds from your banking app.
  • Online debit card payment – You can use our secure online payment terminal.

Please remember to use the estimate number provided on the top right corner of the estimate as a reference number of the transaction. Your order will be processed once the payment is confirmed by our accounts.


Do you repair air conditioning units?

Yes, we do repair air conditioning systems. We also provide air conditioning maintenance service.

Du you size and supply air conditioning units?

Yes, we do. We size, supply, install, commission, maintain, service, decommission and dispose of air conditioning systems. Should you require or services please get in touch with us.

Which brands of air con units do you supply?

We currently supply Mitsubishi Electric and Fujitsu air conditioning systems from single split models to variable refrigerant flow systems.

Du you service Daikin air conditioning?

Yes, we do. We service all makes and models of air conditioning systems. Please make a booking to start the service.

I bought an air conditioning unit, can you install it for me?

Yes, we can install your own air conditioning system. Please get in touch for a price quote.