Pharmaceutical fridge maintenace service

Fridge Service Company meets the needs of pharmaceutical companies to maintain and service the storage refrigerators and cold rooms for insurance and general maintenance purposes. It is imperative that you get your annual maintenance done as soon as possible.

We provide maintenance service for medical:

Pharmaceutical fridge
  • Upright refrigerators
  • Under counter refrigerators
  • Cold rooms
  • Mortuary fridges/body fridges
  • any other refrigeration equipment


Upon the successful maintenance the VAT invoice and maintenance certificate will be provided.

To book service or maintenance use forms below or call 02037011874 to discuss your needs with the member of our team.


Pharmaceutical fridge maintenance service is available for the following areas:

  • Bedfordshire
  • Berkshire
  • Buckinghamshire
  • Cambridgeshire
  • City of London
  • Greater London
  • Essex
  • Hertfordshire
  • Leicestershire
  • Norfolk
  • Northamptonshire
  • Oxfordshire
  • Suffolk
  • Surrey
  • Warwickshire
  • West Midlands

Pharmaceutical fridge maintenance service Bedfordshire:

AL5; LU1; LU3; LU4; LU5; LU6; LU7; MK17; MK40; MK41; MK42; MK43; MK44; MK45; NN10; NN29; PE18; PE19; SG15; SG16; SG17; SG18; SG19; SG5

Pharmaceutical fridge maintenance service Berkshire:

GU47; O12; RG1; RG10; RG12; RG14; RG17; RG18; RG19; RG2; RG20; RG31; RG4; RG40; RG41; RG42; RG45; RG5; RG7; RG8; RG9; SL1; SL3; SL4; SL5; SL6; SL7; TW19;

Pharmaceutical fridge maintenance service Buckinghamshire:

HP10; HP11; HP12; HP13; HP14; HP15; HP16; HP17; HP18; HP20; HP21; HP22; HP23; HP27; HP4; HP5; HP6; HP7; HP8; HP9; LU6; LU7; MK17; MK18; MK19; NN13; OX6; RG9; SL0; SL1; SL2; SL3; SL4; SL6; SL7; SL8; SL9; UB9; WD3;

Pharmaceutical fridge maintenance service Cambridgeshire:

CB1; CB10; CB2; CB3; CB4; CB5; CB6; CB7; CB8; PE1; PE13; PE14; PE15; PE16; PE17; PE18; PE19; PE2; PE3; PE4; PE5; PE6; PE7; PE8; PE9; SG19; SG8;

Pharmaceutical fridge maintenance service City of London:

EC1A; EC1M; EC1N; EC1P; EC1R; EC1V; EC1Y; EC2A; EC2M; EC2N; EC2P; EC2R; EC2V; EC2Y; EC3A; EC3M; EC3N; EC3P; EC3R; EC3V; EC4A; EC4M; EC4N; EC4P; EC4R; EC4V; EC4Y; EC50;

Pharmaceutical fridge maintenance service Greater London:

BR1; BR2; BR3; BR4; BR5; BR6; BR7; CR0; CR1; CR2; CR4; CR5; CR8; DA1; DA14; DA15; DA16; DA17; DA5; DA6; DA8; E1; E10; E11; E12; E13; E14; E15; E16; E17; E18; E2; E3; E4; E5; E6; E7; E8; E9; EC1; EC2; EC3; EC3R; EC4; EN1; EN2; EN3; EN4; EN5; HA0; HA1; HA2; HA3; HA4; HA5; HA6; HA7; HA8; HA9; IG1; IG2; IG3. IG6; IG8; KT1; KT2; KT3; KT4; KT6; KT9; N1; N10; N11; N12; N13; N14; N15; N16; N17; N18; N19; N2; N20; N21; N22; N3; N4; N5; N6; N7; N8; N9; NW1; NW10; NW11; NW2, NW3; NW4; NW5; NW6; NW; NW8; NW9; RM1; RM10; RM12; RM13; RM14; RM2; RM3; RM4; RM5; RM6; RM7; RM8; RM9; SE1; SE10; SE11; SE12; SE13; SE14; SE15; SE16; SE17; SE18; SE19; SE2; SE20; SE21; SE22; SE23; SE24; SE25; SE26; SE27; SE28; SE3; SE4; SE5; SE6; SE7; SE8; SE9; SM;2; SM3; SM4; SM5; SM6; SM7; SW1; SW10; SW11; SW12; SW13; SW14; SW15; SW16; SW17; W18; SW19; SW1A; SW2; SW20; SW3; SW4; SW5; SW6; SW7; SW8; SW9; TN14; TN16; TW1; TW10; TW11; TW12; TW13; TW14;  TW3; TW4; TW5; TW7; TW8; TW9; UB1; UB10; UB2; UB3; UB4; UB5; UB6; UB7; UB8; UB9; W1; W10;W11; W12; W13; W14; W1M; W2; W3; W4; W5; W6; W7; W8; W9; WC1; WC2;

Pharmaceutical fridge maintenance service Essex:

CB1; CB10; CB11; CB9; CM0; CM1; CM11; CM12; CM13; CM14; CM15; CM16; CM17; CM19; CM2; CM20; CM22; CM23; CM24; CM3; CM4; CM5; CM6; CM7; CM8; CM9; CO1; CO10; CO11; CO12; CO13; CO14; CO15; CO16; CO2; CO3; CO4; CO5; CO6; CO7; CO8; CO9; E4; EN9; IG10; IG7; IG9; RM14; RM 15; RM16; RM17; RM18; RM19; RM20; RM4; SG8; SS0; SS1; SS11; SS12; SS13; SS14; SS15; SS16; SS17; SS3; SS4; SS5; SS6; SS7; SS8; SS9;

Pharmaceutical fridge maintenance service Hertfordshire:

AL1; AL10; AL2; AL3; AL4; AL5; AL6; AL7; AL8; AL9; CM20; CM21; CM23; EN10; EN11; EN5; EN6; EN7; EN8; HA6; HP1; HP2; HP23; HP3; HP4; HP5; LU2; SG1; SG10; SG11; SG12; SG13; SG14; SG2; SG3; SG4; SG5; SG6; SG7; SG8; SG9; WD1; WD2; WD3; WD4; WD5; WD6; WD7;

Pharmaceutical fridge maintenance service Leicestershire:

CV13; CV9; DE11; DE12; DE73; DE74; LE10; LE11; LE12; LE13; LE14; LE15; LE16; LE17; LE18; LE2; LE4; LE6; LE65; LE67; LE7; LE8; LE9; NG13; NG32; NG33;

Pharmaceutical fridge maintenance service Norfolk:

IP20; IP21; IP22; IP24; IP25; IP25; IP26; IP27; NR1; NR10; NR11; NR12; NR13; NR14; NR15; NR16; NR17; NR18; NR19; NR2; NR20; NR21; NR22; NR23; NR24; NR25; NR26; NR27; NR28; NR29; NR30; NR31; NR34; NR35; NR4; NR5; NR6; NR7; NR8; NR9; PE14; PE30; PE31; PE32; PE33; PE34; PE35; PE36; PE37; PE38;

Pharmaceutical fridge maintenance service Northamptonshire:

CV23; LE15; LE16; MK19; NN1; NN10; NN11; NN12; NN13; NN14; NN15; NN16; NN17; NN18; NN2; NN29; NN3; NN4; NN5; NN6; NN7; NN8; NN9; OX17; PE8; PE9;

Pharmaceutical fridge maintenance service Oxfordshire:

GL65; GL7; MK18; NN13; OX1; OX10; OX11; OX12; OX13; OX14; OX15; OX16; OX17; OX18; OX2; OX20; OX3; OX33; OX4; OX44; OX5; OX6; OX7; OX8; OX9; RG4; RG8; RG9; SN6; SN7;

Pharmaceutical fridge maintenance service Suffolk:

CB8; CB9; CO10; CO11; CO6; CO7; CO8; IP1; IP10; IP11; IP12; IP13; IP14; IP15; IP16; IP17; IP18; IP19; IP2; IP20; IP21; IP22; IP23; IP24; IP27; IP28; IP29; IP30; IP31; IP33; IP5; IP6; IP7; IP8; IP9; NR32; NR33; NR34; NR35;

Pharmaceutical fridge maintenance service Surrey:

CR3; CR5; CR6; GU1; GU10; GU12; GU15; GU16; GU18; GU19; GU2; GU20; GU21; GU22; GU23; GU24; GU25; GU26; GU27; GU3; GU4; GU5; GU6; GU7; GU8; GU9; KT10; KT11; KT12; KT13; KT14; KT15; KT16; KT17; KT18; KT19; KT20; KT21; KT22; KT23; KT24; KT7; KT8; RH1; RH10; RH12; RH19; RH2; RH3; RH4; RH5; RH6; RH7; RH8; RH9; SM7; TN16; TN8; TW15; TW16; TW17; TW18; TW19; TW20;

Pharmaceutical fridge maintenance service Warwickshire:

B46; B49; B50; B76; B78; B79; B80; B94; B95; B96; CV10; CV11; CV12; CV21; CV22; CV23; CV31; CV31; CV33; CV34; CV35; CV36; C37; CV4; CV7; CV8; CV9; GL56; LE10; NN11; OX15; OX17; WR11;

Pharmaceutical fridge maintenance service West Midlands:

B1; B13; B14; B15; B17; B2; B21; B23; B24; B25; B26; B27; B28; B29; B3; B30; B31; B32; B33; B36; B37; B38; B4; B42; B43; B44; B45; B5; B6; B62; B63; B64; B65; B66; B68; B69; B70; B72; B72; B74; B75; B76; B8; B90; B91; B92; B93; CV1; CV2; CV3; CV4; CV5; CV6; CV7; CCV8; DY1; DY2; DY3; DY4; DY5; DY6; DY8; DY9; WS1; WS10; WS3; WS4; WS8; WS9; WV1; WV10; WV11; WV12; WV13; WV14; WV2; WV3; WV4; W6;