Pizza prep table

Pizza table repair service

Refrigerated pizza table is one of the most important assets in your business. It keeps all of the pizza ingredients in one place, at the fingertips of the pizza chef.

Refrigerated prep tables are pretty robust and reliable in their construction and many of the temperature problems are down to the lack of the planned preventative maintenance i.e. ventilation gaps are getting blocked. Prep tables are designed with the features as stainless steel durable body with drawers or doors, wide board for cutting and different pans for each ingredient so the topping does not mix. Refrigerated prep counters are often used for salad, sandwich and pizza preparation.

It is imperative, that on any heat exchange device as a refrigerator or freezer, the heat exchange surfaces are kept clean. If those components of the refrigerated preparation tables are neglected, the result is always the same- cabinet cannot maintain the desired temperature and in long-term, it will lead to the component failure that will cost hundreds of pounds to put it right. It is important to understand that if the fault has occurred, you cannot get lower temperatures out of your unit by lowering the temperature set-point. Let’s say, that your desired temperature for the refrigerated prep table is +4 degrees Celsius and the unit runs at +7 and is not pulling down to the desired temperature. If that is the case, then you cannot get unit run colder by setting the temperature to say 0 degrees Celsius. In fact, you can witness that temperature will go up instead of dropping over the days to come and by neglecting this issue, further damage is very likely to occur. There could be many reasons for it:

  • Blocked condenser, especially if you use you prep table as a pizza table. The reason is that flour your chef uses always finds the way into the condenser and blocks the air flow.
  • There is a fault with the defrost system and unit is icing up every few weeks.
  • There is a fault with the drain system and the defrost water does not drain off and will ice up on the evaporator after the defrost cycle.
  • Or your door seals are broken causing warm and moist air to ice up on the evaporator.
  • Or the problem could be something else or the combination of the above.

One way or another Fridge Service Company specializes in the repair of refrigerated prep tables, upright and under counter refrigerators and freezers, walk-in refrigerators and freezers, ice makers, air conditioning, heated displays, hot plates, Bain Maries and mixers in and around London, within and outside of M25.

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