One engineer maintenance quote


 tickAttendance fee  1 £ 59.00 £ 11.80 £ 70.80
 tick Rate per hour ? £ 39.00 £ 7.80 £ 46.80
 Condenser cleaning agent ? A A A
 Evaporator cleaner agent ? B B B
 Heavy duty cleaner ? C C C
 “…..” ? “…..” “…..” “…..”

tickYour savings against any other companies:
Saving on call-out: 51 GBP.
Saving per hour of labor: 16 GBP.
Example: If the job will take 4 hours you will save 115 GBP.

+ Any other fees for the expenditure we have made in order to provide you with the service, like parking fees or spare part postage fees.


To book service please call 02037011874 or use our 24/7 online booking service below.

This is what you will get: An engineer on a 3.5T fully equipped van will attend your site and will accurately carry out maintenance tasks on your equipment. Without quotation our engineers are allowed to carry out “none quoted works” in total sum up to 250 GBP exclusive of spare parts and consumables. After the call out fee this will leave engineer with nearly 4 hours of labor time. We estimate that engineer will be able to conduct maintenance at the rate of two-three units per hour.

In case if the cost of full site maintenance will exceed the maximum allowed cost for “non quoted works” (this may be the case with hotels, hospitals, schools and other large sites) the engineer will estimate the time that will be required to complete the job and will forward his estimate to the office. Our office, in turn will supply you with the quotation. Upon acceptance of the quotation the works will be undertaken. Regardless if you will accept our quotation or not, the engineer will start the maintenance job within the budget of the “non quoted works” unless instructed otherwise by you.

Successful maintenance will be followed up by VAT invoice. Depending on the type of equipment you are using, maintenance service includes:

tickClean condenser tickClean condenser air filter tickCheck condenser fan rotation
tickCheck filter for damage tickCheck condensing temperature tickCheck condenser fins
tickRecord ambient temperature tickCheck lagging tickCheck door furniture
tickCheck door gasket tickCheck panel condition tickCheck lights
tickCheck thermostat tickCheck controller settings tickCheck internal release button
tickCheck belts and pullies tickCheck guards tickCheck klixon
tickClean evaporator tickCheck evaporator for damage tickClean evaporator filter
tickChec evaporator filter for damage tickCheck evaporator air flow tickCheck evaporator fan rotation
tickTest heater elements tickCheck drain line tickCheck if all panels are present
tickCheck if all panels are secure tickCheck drain pipe tickCheck HP switch setup
tickCheck LP switch setup tickCheck HP switch operation tickCheck LP switch operation
tickCheck superheat tickCheck subcooling tickVisually check wiring