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Refrigeration and air con equipment installation services

It’s not a secret that well-planned installations of equipment will last longer and could save you tonnes of money on unnecessary service. This especially applies to a complicated kit like air conditioning systems, air to air heat pump systems, air to water heat pump systems, water-cooled ice makers, cold stores and other specific equipment.

Poor installation not only will cost more to run as per electricity consumption but may also be dangerous to users of the equipment in various ways. If you planning to install something of the above on your own you need to consider that any mistake you would make during the installation process could cost you three times more to put right compared to the potential savings. This is because of the fact that it is always easier to design and fit parts and components correctly in the first place rather than dismantling and refitting critical components as field service on completed installation. The truth is that incorrect installations often lead to small and large leaks of refrigerant and it is a demanding job to successfully repair refrigerant leaks.

When considering new installation you may also need to consider disposal of the current equipment. It is imperative to manage the equipment in a safe manner as any wrong move can lead to a significant gas leak and environmental damage. As a matter of truth, only certified entities like Fridge Service Company London and other refrigeration contractors carry the licence to handle Hazardous Waste of that nature.

Air con installation

Air con, HVAC, Heat Pump installations is a tricky business, you need to know what and more importantly, why, you need to do certain things. All big problems in air con operation start with small issues that are often overlooked installation or maintenance practices like vacuuming of the system, pressure testing, strength testing or commissioning of the equipment to name a few. All of the above are effective practices that will ensure your equipment lasts long, runs smoothly and efficiently and is trouble-free. That’s the most important point when making an investment in machinery and equipment in general, isn’t it?

Fridge Service Company London has the capability to install split type air conditioning systems, VRF/VRV systems, Heat Pump Systems, Secondary Heat Transfer Systems, Heat Recovery Systems, Cold Stores or what have you on your mind. If this is a case please send our Special Projects team an e-mail form below or call 02030703858 for a friendly chat with our team member.

Commercial Refrigeration Maintenance

Environmental hazard image
Refrigerant vented in the atmosphere is severely damaging to the environment



Maintenance or PPM(Planned Preventative Maintenance) as pros call it, is a must-have for any refrigeration and air conditioning appliance. The truth is that PPM is designed to extend the lifespan of your equipment. It may seem that having maintenance done once or twice a year is a waste of money but its quite opposite to that.

We offer a light commercial equipment maintenance service for as low as 40 GBP per unit all over the London and home counties.

Maintenance is a proactive, preventative work that reduces the risk of the major breakdowns and therefore reduces overall running costs. On-site, it’s checking, cleaning, taking notes of any current problems or possible problems in foreseeable future. The Maintenance Report will be also drawn up on site. After you sign the report, it will be sent back to our office and a quote will be provided for you to rectify any remaining issues with your equipment. Some services we quote will be pick-and-choose and others will be in your own interest. If You agree with the quote we have provided all the remaining parts will be ordered and fitted for you in a few days or as soon as the parts are available. VAT invoice will be provided.

The purpose of maintenance is to keep any refrigeration and air conditioning equipment in good working order, prevent major breakdowns, avoid costly repairs and inconvenient downtime that also costs money as a loss of sales and customers.

In the medical industry, you may need to provide a certificate to your insurance company proving that equipment you use to store perishable medicines is in good working order.

Sometimes insurance companies require a certificate of the maintenance for reasons unknown to us. 

The best way to think about it is that fridge is a heat exchange device. Any device that is meant to absorb and reject heat must have a heat exchange devices. Those devices are in need of regular maintenance as per specifications of the manufacturer in order to function properly. If you don’t get the maintenance done in accordance with the manufacturer recommendations, the manufacturer warranty, parts warranty and labour warranty become invalid. Some manufacturers insist on the condenser cleaning as often as every two months.

If we talking about fridge maintenance, then we mostly mean condenser cleaning. Every now and then (1-2-3 times per year, depending on your site conditions and peculiarities) its a good idea to clean the condenser off the dust, hairs,  grease, till receipts, plastic bags and even dead mice. 

What if you don’t do the maintenance

In short term, it may cause all sorts of anomalies that you cannot even notice. At first: power consumption goes up(think about how much it will go up if you have 20 commercial fridges in your restaurant or shop), compressor runs all the time, fans also, temperature in the fridge is stable but it never reaches the set-point, evaporator is icing up, fan starts to catch the ice(making noise) until it will get fully iced up and most likely cease, refrigerant does not evaporate in the evaporator and floods the compressor washing the oil off the crank and piston. Later on, the lubrication ceases and shortly the compressor also ceases. Compressor still runs but it’s under enormous pressure and it is red-hot, something on the compressor must give in sooner or later and depend on the type of equipment and site specifics may add up in cost if service is delayed. You can call the Fridge Service Company on 02030703858 rather sooner than later. 

Maintenance DIY

If you DIY, then you probably will brush it off or hoover it and you will get off with this in short-term as you only cleaning the surface. DIY is ok as long as you don’t apply any force what so ever to the condenser fins as they are very soft and in no circumstances should be bent. For this reason, it’s best to use a soft brush and “non-contact” hoovering method. In long term, the condenser will get clogged up inside and the hoovering won’t help anymore. Then you need to call the pros to blow out the condenser or clean it with chemicals depending on circumstances. As mentioned above the lack of maintenance can lead to serious compressor damage that will cost a significant amount of money to rectify.

Air conditioning repair service in London

Air conditioner/heat pump systems may have various designs and application.
Air conditioner/heat pump systems may have various designs and application.

Air Con, HVAC and Heat Pump systems can fault for many reasons like electrical faults in the control chain or components like fans and compressors, mechanical faults on the compressor, blocked drain systems, blocked air ducts and channels, and refrigerant leaks on the refrigeration loops. air conditioning faults are often double or triple faults like if the system is running on low charge and compressor overheats to an extent to fault mechanically. If this happens then compressor may pull excessive power through the control chain components that will lead to burnout of these components and sometimes even burnout of the components that are connected to these components because of the way the electricity works. The best thing to do with your equipment is to get pros from the Fridge Service Company to come down to your site and diagnose the problems to start with. Once the damage to the system is established we can advise you on how much you would have to spend on spares and labour to get the system up and running again, as we are dedicated to the repairs of all makes and types of air conditioning equipment for businesses and homes regardless of how big or small the systems are. To book service call +442030703858 and a member of our staff will take your booking. Or use our 24/7 booking service for early morning and night bookings. Our service fees are most competitive throughout London and Home Counties regardless if it is Saturday or evening service work. Fridge Service Company carries the best price to value ratio for You. We have the ability to cover all aspects of commercial and domestic air conditioning: from heat load calculation, design, installation, maintenance and service. Our engineers are dedicated to the same day repair service and are F-GAS qualified to the CAT 1 as the law requires. This way we are truly capable to service air conditioning from small split units to extra large and complicated VRF systems that are often installed in the hotels and offices. We cover the whole of London, Luton, Welwyn Garden City, St. Albans, Hatfield and Hemel Hempstead, Bedford, Northampton and Milton Keynes area.


Most of our customers book air conditioning repair service for following makes:

  1. Fujitsu air conditioning
  2. Daikin air conditioning
  3. Hitachi air conditioning
  4. LG air conditioning
  5. Mitsubishi air conditioning
  6. Panasonic air conditioning
  7. Sanyo air conditioning
  8. Samsung air conditioning
  9. Toshiba air conditioning

Most common problems with air conditioning systems:

  1. Lack of maintenance
  2. Needs gassing up
  3. Control board failure (including inverter PCB)
  4. Probe failure
  5. Drain pump failure
  6. Remote control failure (check your batteries if you are using tv type remote)
  7. Probe failure
  8. Compressor failure


Commercial refrigerators and freezers, also domestic fridge-freezers can develop two main type of faults:

  • electrical faults
  • mechanical faults

Mechanical fault can be anything from the thermostat failure, in case if the mechanical thermostat is fitted, to compressor mechanical failure.

Let’s list some of the mechanical failures of the compressors:

  • discharge valve failure
  • suction valve failure
  • crankshaft failure
  • piston or piston ring failure
  • loose terminal inside of the compressor
  • compressor housing failure
  • compressor jamming
  • etc

Any of the faults above will cause your equipment to perform poorly or not to perform at all.

Reciprocating hermetic compressor.


Commercial fridge mechanical fault: same day repair service

Fridge Service Company has the capability to fix any mechanical problem that may occur on your commercial refrigerator or commercial freezer. To book a service please call 02030703858 to discuss your service needs or use our 24/7 commercial refrigeration booking system below.

Another type of mechanical failure a gas leaks. Gas leaks can develop because of the vibration of the system and deteriorated piping. It is common that in the vapors of vinegar inside of the fridge or vapors of ammonia in the beer cellar will damage the new installation within three years. If that is the case your site may need a comprehensive modification to prevent these kind of faults to occur.

Med fridge annual inspection and maintenance

Medical fridge

is a subject of an annual inspection aka. Planned Preventative Maintenace aka. PPM. PPM is a specifically designed and delivered procedure to keep the working parameters of the equipment in optimal condition at all times and prevent foreseeable problems to occur.

medical undercounter fridge
The image is a courtesy of MedCold

PPM for medical fridge consists of two main components:

a) active maintenance and fill in Maintenance Worksheet

b) Finalize the Maintenace Report based on the information provided on the maintenance worksheet and hand it over to the customer.

On top of the above, the engineer conducting the maintenance needs to enquire and estimate the end of the recommended service period of individual parts of the system and make further recommendations for service if required to do so.

Fridge Service Company London has the capability and knowledge to undertake any medical refrigerator or freezer related task from annual maintenance of the medicine fridges of any make, size or model and provide certification for insurance purposes.  Please use Book Service or E-mail us below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Our other useful services for med fridges are emergency repair, disposal of the used equipment and commissioning of the new equipment for the insurance purposes, as its required even for NEW FRIDGES unless your supplier provides commissioning sheet and the certificate along with the fridge.

These services are designed for hospitals, clinics, mortuary and veterinarians. Should you wish to book our maintenance service please call our office of 02030703858 or e-mail us below, address it to the engineering department.

Coldstore repairs

Coldstore, aka cold room, aka coldroom, freezer-room is a fundamental installation on any busy catering sites and shops. There are many makes, models and variations available to meet the needs of the market. Each one with its unique components and design and each of them has expected usage span, an expected number of switchings or expected hours of run time and maintenance interval. This data is provided assuming a perfect condition of application and at mediate allowed ambient temperature. If the set maintenance interval is exceeded and/or, or sometimes even sooner, considering site-specific conditions, lack of maintenance in general, high ambient temperature and installation mishaps, misuse of the equipment and issues are quick to occur and sometimes to be of a repetitive nature.

Cold room common issues:

a) Gas leakage- due to vibration and corrosion gas leaks will occur and lead to a system failure.

pipe damage
Left to the evaporator: Low-pressure pipe has an oval opening on the horizontal stretch, created by the friction of capillary line (smaller diameter pipe). Very bad location for any welding work but is fixable.









b) Compressor trouble-all sorts of electrical and mechanical problems like metal fatigue, excessive wear and tear, premature wear and tear, overheating, loss of hermetic of the compressor housing, broken windings, snapped terminals,  live to live shorts, live to ground shorts,  and other similar surprises often start with small gas leaks.

c) Water leakage – both inside and outside of the cold store.

d) Control circuit problems

e) Fan problems

f) Defrost problems

Two types of cold stores exist Modular and Custom Built.

Pros, modular cold rooms are easy to erect. Everything should be built in, once you installed it, its plug and play. Refrigeration engineer is not required unless you need to commission the job for warranty reasons. Not expensive in comparison to other options.

Cons: Set footprint, sometimes complicated to service as may be assembled very tight, heat load (and compressor noise) is rejected within proximity unless external heat dumper is installed. Equipment specific parts like motherboards, tanks, bushings, pipes and clips may be pricey and sometimes hard to find for the older models.

Custom built cold rooms are cold rooms built to fit the floorplan and specific requirements of the customer.

Pros: maximise your floorplan, compressor noise outside, heat rejected outside. Costly. Labour extensive, Electrician and refrigeration engineer required.

Fridge Service Company has the capability and knowledge to fix any problem your cold room may have. To book a service please call us on 02030703858 to or use the contact form below.

Refrigeration Services

Fridge Service Company is a commercial refrigeration contractor. We focus on providing high-end professional services for those who are in need of repair service of the commercial refrigeration equipment, supply, installation or maintenance services.


What type of refrigeration equipment do we deal with?

  • Catering refrigeration -small size plug and play type of cabinets, displays and fixed installations like modular cold stores for restaurants, coffee shops, pizza bars, takeaways and sandwich shops.
  • Retail refrigeration – plug and play fridges, large integrated refrigeration installations, like dairy cabinets and chilled storage cold rooms for small to medium size shops and chilled warehouses.
  • Refrigeration plants – small to large size purpose built plants for small to medium size FMCG production and storage sites.
  • Domestic refrigeration – for those who for whatever reason don’t want to get a new 200 quid freezer.
  • Medical refrigeration – inspection and maintenance certificate for insurance purposes.
  • Refrigeration and air conditioning equipment dismantling and disposal services – for commercial and public sectors.

Serve over fridge
Serve over fridge.


Not only we provide reactive repair service for commercial refrigeration equipment for takeaways, cafes, bistros, buffets, restaurants, corner shops, schools, hospitals and manufacturing businesses but we also able to supply and install new commercial refrigeration equipment at the very competitive prices and maintain existing one regardless of who supplied and installed it. Find a link to our store below.

You can find us operating on the High Streets, shopping malls and industrial estates. We repair all makes of commercial display and storage refrigerators, cold rooms, freezers and ice makers like Arneg, Williams, Foster, Gram, True, Interlevin, Atosa, Hoshizaki, Scotsman, Hubbard and many more.

We aim to provide “Same Day” and “Next Day” service for all makes and types of commercial refrigerators. All of our work is warranted, spare parts we use are warranted by manufacturers and all our engineers are F-gas certified giving you that extra peace of mind.

We provide both reactive repair service and planned preventative maintenance(PPM). The purpose of the PPM is to prevent major breakdowns, identify any possible issues before they will lead to equipment failure and expand the lifespan of your equipment.

Should you require any of the services listed above please call us on 02030703858 to arrange swift service.