Air conditioning repair service in London

Air conditioner/heat pump systems may have various designs and application.
Air conditioner/heat pump systems may have various designs and application.

Air Con, HVAC and Heat Pump systems can fault for many reasons like electrical faults in the control chain or components like fans and compressors, mechanical faults on the compressor, blocked drain systems, blocked air ducts and channels, and refrigerant leaks on the refrigeration loops. air conditioning faults are often double or triple faults like if the system is running on low charge and compressor overheats to an extent to fault mechanically. If this happens then compressor may pull excessive power through the control chain components that will lead to burnout of these components and sometimes even burnout of the components that are connected to these components because of the way the electricity works. The best thing to do with your equipment is to get pros from the Fridge Service Company to come down to your site and diagnose the problems to start with. Once the damage to the system is established we can advise you on how much you would have to spend on spares and labour to get the system up and running again, as we are dedicated to the repairs of all makes and types of air conditioning equipment for businesses and homes regardless of how big or small the systems are. To book service call +442030703858 and a member of our staff will take your booking. Or use our 24/7 booking service for early morning and night bookings. Our service fees are most competitive throughout London and Home Counties regardless if it is Saturday or evening service work. Fridge Service Company carries the best price to value ratio for You. We have the ability to cover all aspects of commercial and domestic air conditioning: from heat load calculation, design, installation, maintenance and service. Our engineers are dedicated to the same day repair service and are F-GAS qualified to the CAT 1 as the law requires. This way we are truly capable to service air conditioning from small split units to extra large and complicated VRF systems that are often installed in the hotels and offices. We cover the whole of London, Luton, Welwyn Garden City, St. Albans, Hatfield and Hemel Hempstead, Bedford, Northampton and Milton Keynes area.


Most of our customers book air conditioning repair service for following makes:

  1. Fujitsu air conditioning
  2. Daikin air conditioning
  3. Hitachi air conditioning
  4. LG air conditioning
  5. Mitsubishi air conditioning
  6. Panasonic air conditioning
  7. Sanyo air conditioning
  8. Samsung air conditioning
  9. Toshiba air conditioning

Most common problems with air conditioning systems:

  1. Lack of maintenance
  2. Needs gassing up
  3. Control board failure (including inverter PCB)
  4. Probe failure
  5. Drain pump failure
  6. Remote control failure (check your batteries if you are using tv type remote)
  7. Probe failure
  8. Compressor failure