Coldstore repairs

Coldstore, aka cold room, aka coldroom, freezer-room is a fundamental installation on any busy catering sites and shops. There are many makes, models and variations available to meet the needs of the market. Each one with its unique components and design and each of them has expected usage span, an expected number of switchings or expected hours of run time and maintenance interval. This data is provided assuming a perfect condition of application and at mediate allowed ambient temperature. If the set maintenance interval is exceeded and/or, or sometimes even sooner, considering site-specific conditions, lack of maintenance in general, high ambient temperature and installation mishaps, misuse of the equipment and issues are quick to occur and sometimes to be of a repetitive nature.

Cold room common issues:

a) Gas leakage- due to vibration and corrosion gas leaks will occur and lead to a system failure.

pipe damage
Left to the evaporator: Low-pressure pipe has an oval opening on the horizontal stretch, created by the friction of capillary line (smaller diameter pipe). Very bad location for any welding work but is fixable.









b) Compressor trouble-all sorts of electrical and mechanical problems like metal fatigue, excessive wear and tear, premature wear and tear, overheating, loss of hermetic of the compressor housing, broken windings, snapped terminals,  live to live shorts, live to ground shorts,  and other similar surprises often start with small gas leaks.

c) Water leakage – both inside and outside of the cold store.

d) Control circuit problems

e) Fan problems

f) Defrost problems

Two types of cold stores exist Modular and Custom Built.

Pros, modular cold rooms are easy to erect. Everything should be built in, once you installed it, its plug and play. Refrigeration engineer is not required unless you need to commission the job for warranty reasons. Not expensive in comparison to other options.

Cons: Set footprint, sometimes complicated to service as may be assembled very tight, heat load (and compressor noise) is rejected within proximity unless external heat dumper is installed. Equipment specific parts like motherboards, tanks, bushings, pipes and clips may be pricey and sometimes hard to find for the older models.

Custom built cold rooms are cold rooms built to fit the floorplan and specific requirements of the customer.

Pros: maximise your floorplan, compressor noise outside, heat rejected outside. Costly. Labour extensive, Electrician and refrigeration engineer required.

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