fridge maintenance service

Maintenance or PPM(Planned Preventative Maintenance) as pros call it, is a must have for any refrigeration and air conditioning appliance. The truth is that PPM is designed to extend the lifespan of your equipment. It may seem that having maintenance done once or twice a year is a waste of money but its quite opposite to that.

Maintenance is a proactive, preventative work that should reduce the risk of the major breakdowns and therefore reduce overall running costs. Usually cleaning of the critical parts and taking notes of any faults.

Service is a reactive repair of faults.

The purpose of maintenance is to keep any refrigeration and air conditioning equipment in good working order, prevent major breakdowns, avoid costly repairs and inconvenient downtime that also costs money as a loss of sales and customers.

In the medical industry you may need to provide a certificate to your insurance company that equipment that you use to store perishable medicines are in good working order.

Sometimes insurance companies require certificate of the maintenance for unknown reasons unknown to us. 

The best way to think about it is that fridge is a heat exchange device. Any device that is meant to absorb and reject heat must have a heat exchange devices. Those devices are in need of regular maintenance as per specifications of the manufacturer in order to function properly. If you don’t get the maintenance done in accordance of the manufacturer, the manufacturer warranty, parts warranty and labor warranty becomes invalid. Some manufacturer insist on the condenser cleaning as often as every two months.

If we talking about fridge maintenance, then we mostly mean condenser cleaning. Every now and then (1-2-3 times per year, depending on your site conditions and peculiarities) its a good idea to clean the condenser off the dust, hairs,  grease, till receipts, plastic bags and even dead mice. 

What if you don’t do the maintenance

By neglecting the maintenance you are calling for the anger of The Fridge Gods. In short term it may cause all sorts of anomalies that you cannot even notice. At first: power consumption goes up(think about how much it will go up is you have 20 commercial fridges in your restaurant or shop), compressor runs all the time, temperature in the fridge is stable but it never reaches the set-point, evaporator is icing up, fan starts to catch the ice(making noise) until it will get fully iced up and most likely cease, refrigerant does not evaporate in the evaporator and floods the compressor washing the oil off the crank and piston. (Later on the lubrication ceases and shortly the compressor also ceases.) Compressor still runs but it’s under enormous pressure and its red hot, something on the compressor must give in sooner or later and depending on the type of equipment may cost you thousands of pounds to fix. On commercial fridges its usually less then a thousand. You can call the engineers moblie directly on 07863631791 sooner rather than later. 

Maintenance DIY

If you DIY, then you probably will brush it off or hoover it and you will get off with this in short term as you only cleaning the surface. DIY is ok as long as you don’t apply any force what so ever to the condenser fins as they are very soft and in no circumstances should be bent. For this reason it’s best to use soft brush and “non contact” hoovering method. In long term the condenser will get clogged up inside and the hoovering wont help anymore. Then you need to call the pros to blow out the condenser or clean it with chemicals depending on circumstances. As mentioned above the lack of maintenance can lead to serious compressor damage that will cost significant amount of money to rectify.

Maintenance is not all about condenser cleaning. Any faults that engineer will find will be noted on your maintenance sheet and a quotation will be provided to the customer for the remedial works.