Commercial refrigerators and freezers, also domestic fridge-freezers can develop two main type of faults:

  • electrical faults
  • mechanical faults

Mechanical fault can be anything from the thermostat failure, in case if the mechanical thermostat is fitted, to compressor mechanical failure.

Let’s list some of the mechanical failures of the compressors:

  • discharge valve failure
  • suction valve failure
  • crankshaft failure
  • piston or piston ring failure
  • loose terminal inside of the compressor
  • compressor housing failure
  • compressor jamming
  • etc

Any of the faults above will cause your equipment to perform poorly or not to perform at all.

Reciprocating hermetic compressor.


Commercial fridge mechanical fault: same day repair service

Fridge Service Company has the capability to fix any mechanical problem that may occur on your commercial refrigerator or commercial freezer. To book a service please call 02030703858 to discuss your service needs or use our 24/7 commercial refrigeration booking system below.

Another type of mechanical failure a gas leaks. Gas leaks can develop because of the vibration of the system and deteriorated piping. It is common that in the vapors of vinegar inside of the fridge or vapors of ammonia in the beer cellar will damage the new installation within three years. If that is the case your site may need a comprehensive modification to prevent these kind of faults to occur.