Med fridge annual inspection and maintenance

Medical fridge

is a subject of an annual inspection aka. Planned Preventative Maintenace aka. PPM. PPM is a specifically designed and delivered procedure to keep the working parameters of the equipment in optimal condition at all times and prevent foreseeable problems to occur.

medical undercounter fridge
The image is a courtesy of MedCold

PPM for medical fridge consists of two main components:

a) active maintenance and fill in Maintenance Worksheet

b) Finalize the Maintenace Report based on the information provided on the maintenance worksheet and hand it over to the customer.

On top of the above, the engineer conducting the maintenance needs to enquire and estimate the end of the recommended service period of individual parts of the system and make further recommendations for service if required to do so.

Fridge Service Company London has the capability and knowledge to undertake any medical refrigerator or freezer related task from annual maintenance of the medicine fridges of any make, size or model and provide certification for insurance purposes.  Please use Book Service or E-mail us below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Our other useful services for med fridges are emergency repair, disposal of the used equipment and commissioning of the new equipment for the insurance purposes, as its required even for NEW FRIDGES unless your supplier provides commissioning sheet and the certificate along with the fridge.

These services are designed for hospitals, clinics, mortuary and veterinarians. Should you wish to book our maintenance service please call our office of 02030703858 or e-mail us below, address it to the engineering department.