Refrigeration and air con equipment installation services

It’s not a secret that well-planned installations of equipment will last longer and could save you tonnes of money on unnecessary service. This especially applies to a complicated kit like air conditioning systems, air to air heat pump systems, air to water heat pump systems, water-cooled ice makers, cold stores and other specific equipment.

Poor installation not only will cost more to run as per electricity consumption but may also be dangerous to users of the equipment in various ways. If you planning to install something of the above on your own you need to consider that any mistake you would make during the installation process could cost you three times more to put right compared to the potential savings. This is because of the fact that it is always easier to design and fit parts and components correctly in the first place rather than dismantling and refitting critical components as field service on completed installation. The truth is that incorrect installations often lead to small and large leaks of refrigerant and it is a demanding job to successfully repair refrigerant leaks.

When considering new installation you may also need to consider disposal of the current equipment. It is imperative to manage the equipment in a safe manner as any wrong move can lead to a significant gas leak and environmental damage. As a matter of truth, only certified entities like Fridge Service Company London and other refrigeration contractors carry the licence to handle Hazardous Waste of that nature.

Air con installation

Air con, HVAC, Heat Pump installations is a tricky business, you need to know what and more importantly, why, you need to do certain things. All big problems in air con operation start with small issues that are often overlooked installation or maintenance practices like vacuuming of the system, pressure testing, strength testing or commissioning of the equipment to name a few. All of the above are effective practices that will ensure your equipment lasts long, runs smoothly and efficiently and is trouble-free. That’s the most important point when making an investment in machinery and equipment in general, isn’t it?

Fridge Service Company London has the capability to install split type air conditioning systems, VRF/VRV systems, Heat Pump Systems, Secondary Heat Transfer Systems, Heat Recovery Systems, Cold Stores or what have you on your mind. If this is a case please send our Special Projects team an e-mail form below or call 02030703858 for a friendly chat with our team member.