Millie, Chelmsford

I have a new sandwich display in my coffee shop that was working on high temperature and the engineer from one of the companies came on Friday night replaced temperature display and told me that its mended now, but two hours later it was still +15 C.So I called up this company and on Saturday morning at 7am the engineer arrived from 100 miles round trip and fixed my fridge in no time. This is the best fridge company I have ever used and is cheap too. I definitely recommend them.

Cat, Wembley

Great friendly service, the engineer worked throughout late Thursday evening so my cake display would be up and running for a bank holiday weekend.

Ted, Watford

I’ve been in the restaurant business for over 20 years now and Fridge Service Company is the first company that managed to explain to me why my freezer has being icing up every few months despite the fact that I have spent thousands of pounds on spares and repairs in the past. Great service, many thanks!