Two engineers service quotation


 tick Two men attendance fee + 1 hour on site 1 90.00 18.00 108.00
 tick Rate per additional hour 1 60.00 12.00 72.00
 tick Fan motor 1 19.99 3.99 23.99
TOTAL 203.99
Your savings against any other companies:
Saving on call-out: 130 GBP.
Saving per hour of labour: 50 GBP.
Example: If the job will take 4 hours you will save 330 GBP.
+ Any other fees for the expenditure we have made in order to provide you with the service, like parking fees or spare part postage fees.


To book service please call 02030703858 or use our 24/7 online booking service below.


This is what you will get: Two engineers on a 3.5T fully equipped van will attend your site and will accurately diagnose the fault on your equipment. Without providing price estimates our engineers are allowed to carry out “non-quoted works” in total sum up to 250 GBP exclusive of spare parts and consumables. After the call-out fee, this will leave engineers with the 2 hours of labour time. If possible your equipment will be repaired there and then.

In case if the cost of the service will exceed the maximum allowed cost for “non-quoted works”, and/or non-generic parts required, the engineers will estimate the time, spare parts and consumables required to repair your equipment and will report this information back to the office. Our office, in turn, will supply you with the quotation. Upon acceptance of the quotation the spare parts will be ordered for the “Next day delivery” if possible or soonest date available and/or the works will be undertaken there and then. After the parts have arrived the engineer will re-attend to fit any parts required and finish repair service.

Successful service will be followed up by VAT invoice. We warrant all labour for 30 days and all parts are warranted by the manufacturer.