Upright refrigerator and freezer repair service

Upright refrigerator repair service
There are many makes, models and variations of upright refrigerators and upright freezers in both catering and retail sectors. They vary in construction, a number of doors, door types-glass or solid doors, capacity, the refrigerant used, controls used, defrost type and by the location of the compressor mount. Fortunately, at Fridge Service Company we specialize in upright refrigerators and upright freezers, so why don’t you take the opportunity and use the “BOOK SERVICE” button below.

Top mount upright refrigerator or freezer is probably the most common but not the most practical as it may get extremely hot in your commercial kitchen. Hot air always raises up and increases the workload on “top-mount” upright cabinets. The “under-mount” cabinets, which uses cold air near the floor to cool condenser, function much better in the same kitchen.


From the engineers view the “top-mount” cabinet is usually easier to service because of the access to the compressor and condenser of the unit.

The problem you may have with the “under-mount” units is that condensers tend to clock up more frequently. Whether its flour your pizza chef is using, onion peels, plastic bags or general dust and hair your visitors and staff generate, the result is always the same- system cannot maintain the desired temperature. And if you combine any of the above with the sticky substance like Velouté sauce or fizzy drink the matter gets even worse and the quick fix that engineers practice in situations like these would not be sufficient and repair price would go up by 2-3 times depending on how does the condenser respond to the cleaning.

Undermount freezer
So what you MUST do to keep your condensers in good order is to find a suitable interval of the condenser cleaning. Cleaning condensers too often is a waste of time, cleaning condensers too late may cause expensive problems. Remember that condenser cleaning is a delicate job, condenser fins are usually very soft and sharp and in no way, you should approach with the brute force and bend them in any way. You can clean condenser with a soft brush and remember to brush only in the direction of condenser fins.

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