Whats an f-gas log and how to sort it?

F-gas notice and how to get it sorted?

There are two ways to get it sorted but only one makes sense:

  1. You can send the e-mail to the Fridge Service Company on hello@repair-service.london or give them a call on +442030703858 to speak to their friendly staff. Then you can download, scan and email back to us our copy of the signed and dated “Maintenance and Service Contract” among with any notice you had from the environmental agency. We will run f- gas test on your site and provide graphic data to the environmental agency in a timely manner.
  1. Or put your staff on something they don’t have a clue of

The problem is that the f-gas destroys the ozone layer and creates global warming, the warmer it gets the more of the f-gas we produce and this is why the legislation so harsh on the misuse of the f-gases. This applies to any application containing f-gas (any air con, portable and fixed refrigerator, freezer or ice maker).

The truth is you don’t need to be f-gas licensed in order to maintain the good working condition of your equipment. Your local plumber could legally do the job, as long as he does not break into the refrigerant loop and you trust him enough to have a go with the equipment that has a critical role for your business.

For refrigerant work(gassing, de-gassing) F-gas licensed is a must have. The penalties are from as follows:

  • from 20 000 GBP for the engineer,
  • from 20 000 GBP for the operator(customer) for not using certified contracting company.
  • by the concept of the law, it is a duty of the operator (eg. the person who has unlimited access to the equipment- this is you) to ensure that F-gas licensed company undertakes the job and record any refrigerant, electrical or mechanical work done.
  • from the 50 000 GBP to the contractor (a company who employs the engineer).
  • it is a duty of the contractor to ensure that F-gas only qualified personnel to undertake the job but you don’t need to worry because the Fridge Service company takes all the liability literally off you in simple and financially beneficial steps:

On top of the above there is another bill called:

“The annual f-gas check-up for applications containing up to 3 kg of f-gas”(two or more air conditioners in the same loop or custom built cold room). Penalties are same as above.

“F-gas record for the applications containing more than 30 kilos of the f-gas”(VRF/VRV air conditioning systems in the build, small to medium local shops).

Send the e-mail to the Fridge Service Company on hello@repair-service.london or give them a call on +442030703858 and you can go back to the usual business.